Our Methodology

Business Discovery

Reviewing business model, application, UI and UX requirements

Performing High-level mapping of business models

Information Analysis

Exploring OLTP DB and ERD relations

Reviewing existing customized & OOTB reports

Architecture Design

Architecture and sizing of the new solution

Tools selection: DB, ETL, reporting, applications etc.

About Us

Vision.bi is a software and services company specializing in Big Data and Business Intelligence.

We empower our customers to face Big Data and BI challenges of any kind.

We deliver Big Data and BI solutions of the highest standards, excelling in time-to-market and cutting edge methodologies to suit our customers’ needs. We base our solutions on years of vertical specific best practice, balanced by innovative thinking and new technologies expertise.

Why Us?

Our dedicated team of top notch professionals is committed to provide innovative, stable and flexible solutions, driving customer satisfaction and recognition around the world.

Analytics Platform
Big Data Solutions
Operational BI
B2B & Cloud Analytics Solutions
Mobile Analytics platform
Architecture BI

Our R&D division produces tie breaking solutions which have already gained a well-deserved global attention. Using nothing but the latest technologies and developing methods while constantly listening to the customers’ needs and wants, the division has positioned itself as the leading software house in its field.

Our Service & Consulting and R&D divisions are the full package, entailing experience and knowledge aimed not only to define your business needs and objectives but also to deliver an end-to-end solution.

We are offering our customers the unique option of using Vision.bi’s applications & products, enabling them to independently maintain and expand their own BI platform while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

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