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Interview Cyril Cohen-Solal, CEO Keyrus Israel, VP international

What kind of changes does big data represents compared to classical data analysis?

A complete scale change. With business intelligence, we used to guarantee to our customers that we could compile and analyze all the data that can be measured. With big data, volumes explode as storage costs fall. Data retention, as well as access is no longer a problem. One only needs to know what to do with all that data!


So there’s no practical application?

There is, but it is emerging in Europe. In France, there is a lot of talk about big data without necessarily any projects happening. In the United States, things are more advanced, especially under the leadership of startup companies involved in larger-scale steps. For example, one of our customers “Double Verify” ensures customers that their wishes, in terms of brand visibility and brand coherence are respected when buying banner ads on the Internet: they scan the sites where customers are advertising and report any detected breaches that sometimes reduce the purchase invoice by 20% to 25%. That’s a huge mass of data managed by a single actor who is only five years on the market.


Can we talk of a French delay ?

Big data started with U.S. companies, mainly Google. And especially in the United States, there are fewer limits as to the use of personal data to create new businesses. For instance, when you receive a bank statement, it is accompanied by personalized coupons from merchants from whom you can make ​​purchases. In France, we are obviously much more fussy about exposing personal data. The CNIL is keeping watch, and consumers are less willing to give free personal data in exchange of services and promotions. This is one of the major obstacles to the expansion of commercial services related to big data.

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