TIMNA is a platform that enables you to upscale your performance by organizing, managing and analyzing your data.

Pharma is a complex business & operations. Whether you are a Sponsor, CRO, lab provider or playing any role in the pharma industry – you manage data.
We are all taking part in the digital revolution, data volumes are increasing, multiple vendors & sources, data structures can vary easily, this results with mountains of information that requires organization and management.
-How much time and energy to you spend on monitoring your regulated data?
-How are you planning, monitoring and implementing your data migration processes?

Do you expect your teams to update last minute comments/data to be reflected in reports for an important meeting?
As a Pharma company, are you monitoring your CRO’s performance?
As a CRO\service provider, are you checking the data you are reflecting to your sponsor ?
Do you spend extended time transferring data into Insights or trying to reconcile different sources of information?

Industry talk is that the questions above are reflected in our day to day work and that we invest valuable efforts in solving it

Timna is here to support pharma in these efforts.

Our platform & solutions can help you overcome these challenges and much more.

Pharma Data EcoSystem


In the Pharma Industry, taking control of your data is a key success factor to improving your business processes, increasing your efficiency and giving you competitive advantage.

Taking control of your data is an approach.

It will include your business processes, operational systems and analytics solutions.
Once achieved, your business insights will be more accurate, easier to achieve 
and simpler to understand.