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Kickstart package for Tableau

Tableau Masterclass and Workshop

Tableau Packages

5 Days
Fast Track to Business Insights
Up to 3 participants
Tableau Desktop fundamentals training
Server & data sources setup
Roles & permissions configuration
How-to publish & deploy processes
Defining best practices (naming convention, standardization etc.)
Laying foundations for self-service environments

10 Days
Leveraging Tableau’s capabilities for business growth
Up to 3 participants
Tableau server training
Advanced dashboarding including actions, LOD calculations and parameters usages
Data sources decision making & optimization (live, extract, blending)
Building UI/UX style guide with tint ( UI/UX studio)
Creating 1-2 reusable dashboard templates
Guided individual development for one business use case
Summary and recommendations

2 Days/week
On-Going Mentoring & Support
Personal coaching sessions focusing on specific challenges
Monthly health check & tableau server maintenance
Performance tuning including extensive tools and best practices
Introduction and setup of grown-up features (in 2.9.3 – CI & deployment, data catalog )
Dashboarding design with tint ( UI/UX studio)

3 Days
Tableau Facelift
Tell compeling stories with state-of-the-art visuals

Reviewing 1-2 selected dashboards and recommending UI/UX improvements
Building UI/UX style guide with tint ( UI/UX studio)
Creating 1-2 reusable dashboard templates

Tableau Masterclass & Workshop

As Tableau’s Gold Partner, offers a comprehensive 2-day workshop for teams to get familiar with the platform, and learn the most important tools and tips to make the most of Tableau.

Combine data
Using joins, blends, and unions
Tables, bar charts, pie charts, and line graphs.
Sort, filter, and group your data
Aggregate with sum, average, min, max, and counts
Using Parameters
Use parameters and input controls to give users control over certain values.

Create New Fields
Create new fields using calculations with conditional logic.
Mapping Data
Map your data to quickly detect geographic variation.
Understand and use LOD calculations.
Understand performance considerations
Build Dashboards
Build better dashboards using techniques for guided analytics, interactive dashboard design, and visual best practices.

Harness the power of your data

Ease of Use
Anyone can analyze data with intuitive drag & drop products. No programming, just insight.

Smart Dashboards
Combine multiple views of data to get richer insight. Best practices of data visualization are baked right in.

Connect Automatically
Get the freshest data with a live connection to your data or get automatic updates on a schedule you define.

Share in Seconds
Publish a dashboard with a few clicks to share it live on the web and on mobile devices.

Used by leading data-driven companies is now Tableau’s gold partner.
This is an important milestone that reflects our commitment
to provide our customers with the best data solutions in the world.
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