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Evolving Data Challenge’s of a Fast-Growing SaaS Business

Four years ago, the fast-growing startup realized they needed to build a data warehouse and the right infrastructure for their BI. From creating the right management dashboard for the company to connecting all their data points, they turned to vision to create an optimal data architecture and establish the right data processes that will help them thrive and scale.

Since then, new challenges have emerged as the organization grew in size and complexity. Their initial challenge was selecting and choosing the right data stack and building a bespoke architecture with a view to the future.

More recently, they wanted to obtain in-depth understanding of their sales pipeline and funnel. With the right data and automation tool, they wanted to understand marketing and sales ROI. They wanted to create dashboards that are simple, useful, and easy for anyone to understand. Ultimately, they had to take a lot of data, and present it in the most impactful and simple way – so it would help the organization inform some of their most important operational and strategic decisions.

“The team at Vision BI has always been extremely professional, honest, and fair. Their holistic approach to data means they don’t only bring a fresh perspective and the best tools, but also help us build our teams preempting the skills and training we need to thrive.”
- Meidad Levi - Director of BI
New Data Processes To Answer The Toughests Business Questions

Since WalkMe™ identified three years ago their need to become a data-driven business, Vision BI has been their trusted data partner. From building their initial data warehouse and creating their first management dashboard, Vision BI expertise and know-how with SaaS tech startup meant WalkMe™ could rely not only on the recommendations to select the optimal data stack, but also trusting that Vision BI will help with deployment, training, graphic design, and any other need along the way.

The initial process of building the company data warehouse took just four months – not a long time considering that it had to be a robust foundation that will serve them in the long term. Creating the perfect data ecosystem for WalkMe™ included using multiple tools including Rivery as their ETL and orchestration tool and Tableau as their visualization and reporting tool.

Choosing and deploying the right data stack

Rivery helped WalkMe™ to swiftly orchestrate their BI integration. By using the platform’s existing ‘out-the-box’ integrations, they were able to integrate their data from Salesforce and SAP instantly into their own data warehouse. This gave them control over their own data, without being forced to rely upon the analytics and reporting capabilities of third-party tools, which didn’t necessarily match their KPIs. In addition, they connected all their marketing performance data through Rivery. This includes all the data from Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. – which is now at the fingertips of all campaign managers to deep-dive into their marketing performance.

To improve their visualization and reporting processes, WalkMe™ switched to Tableau. With the help and expertise of Vision BI as a certified Tableau Gold Partner, the company was able to make the transition in a month. What’s more, Vision BI provided the team at WalkMe™ with the training that BI analysts across multiple departments needed to make the most of the tool.

The most recent project that Vision BI delivered for WalkMe, and arguably the most sophisticated one, is creating a tool to showcase and measure ROI. This involved rebuilding the existing marketing dashboards, to deliver cohort-based analysis of their marketing and sales funnels.

Outcome & Future Outlook

While offering the right data stack was crucial, it is the implementation and follow up from Vision Bi’s dedicated team that made the real difference. Vision BI’s team of data engineers, visualization experts, data architects, developers and designers helped WalkMe create a state-of-the art data ecosystem. Whether it was about helping devise the right dashboards with the right KPIs that would help WalkMe gain the best insights, or training their in-house analysts to ensure they can leverage Tableau’s capabilities in their daily operations.

The long standing relationship between Vision BI and WalkMe is testament to the companies’ shared vision to innovate through collaboration. From establishing the right data ecosystem and Bi infrastructure in the early days, to the more sophisticated granular insights that helps the company gain unprecedented visibility on their marketing ROI and sales funnel.

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