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Quality Score

The Challange

While QualityScore delivers large marketing campaigns, their in-house development team is small. Each client requires a different BI environment, something that would be impossible for an agency to build, develop and manage every time they sign a new client.

The agency manages large amounts of campaign data, which means their data orchestration, management and reporting had to be efficient and as automated as possible. This would help them scale while keeping a small and lean data team. The challenge was to simplify and automate processes. Moving away from JAVA to simple SQL, so the in-house BI team could scale the operation as new clients join the agency.

The company’s challenge was to improve and enhance their data ecosystem with solutions that would enable them to automate as much as possible. Selecting the best self-served and fully managed tools to streamline their operations, provide the flexibility they need to scale with more data and more customers – and didn’t cause a burden to their existing development resources.

The expertise and know how from Vision BI’s team to remodel our data infrastructure has been invaluable for us. Our advanced data ecosystem now combines the best of breed solutions for data management, visualization, and orchestration.
- Aviad, CTO at Quality Score LTD
The Solution

On the one hand, Vision BI team wanted to bring all the expertise to create a future-proof data stack following industry best practice. On the other hand, it was important to remodel their existing data warehouse in a way that the platform is enriched with data to support business questions without changing the existing infrastructure.

Working with Vision BI, QualityScore was able to rethink their data stack, combining technologies that would help them orchestrate and automate their data operations. Vision BI’s team of project managers, data engineers, UI/UX Tableau visualization experts, and Snowflake specialist joined forces to help QualiyScore reinvent and upgrade their data ecosystem.

Vision.BI’s prior experience in data modelling for marketing agencies with similar challenges was instrumental, providing pre-defined modelling that aggregated and combined all marketing channels with the right KPIs. Carefully selecting a fully-managed technological stack (Rivery, Snowflake, Tableau) was key to execute the plan.

Selecting & implementing
an optimal tech stack

Firstly, they used Rivery to outsource and automate their ETL data processes. Rivery’s platform provided QualityScore with a solution to pull data from all their advertising platforms. This enabled them to simplify the data extraction from multiple sources with out-of-the-box integrations that are always up to date.

Secondly, Snowflake offered QualityScore a superior data warehousing solution. Since it is a fully SaaS solution, it means their BI team doesn’t have to worry about infrastructure issues. Snowflake’s advanced technology gives the agency much more flexibility when it comes to data management. For example, they can now give some customers access to parts of their data warehouse so they can see what’s relevant to them.

Finally, the process around visualization also evolved. While the agency was already using Tableau for dashboards and reports, this wasn’t optimized. Moving all the data logic and processing to Rivery and Snowflake meant that they could get more and better dashboards without ‘overloading’ Tableau with data processes and logic.

The improved data ecosystem we have created with help of Vision BI doesn’t only save us time, money and resources spent on data orchestration and processes. It helped us reshape the way we access and exchange insights with our clients. From sharing databases to granting them access to real-time campaign dashboards.
- Aviad, CTO at Quality Score LTD
The Outcome

Vision BI and QualitySocre’s relationship has evolved over the years into a valuable partnership. While a team of Bi experts and data engineers helped QualityScore plan and execute improved data modelling, it has also become an ongoing source of support with Vision BI providing flexible resources and expertise when the agency needs extra help onboard new clients with specific BI requirements.

Clients demand more and better access to insights from their agencies and QualityScore is a prime example of how this relationship between agencies and clients is being redefined. In addition to giving clients access to parts of their data warehouse, they provide customers with a login to their system which has Tableau reporting dashboards embedded. The winning combination of Rivery to extract and transform data, Tableau for visualization, and Snowflake as their data warehouse, enables them to embed all data into their proprietary system.

Having the perfect data stack and an optimal data infrastructure with automated processes helps QualityScore save time and money. More importantly, it gives them access to the insights they need, whenever they need them. Their new, advanced data ecosystem is crucial for both internal analytics as well as client reporting – the most crucial operation to measure and showcase the ROI of their campaign with all their stakeholders.

CTO at Quality Score LTD

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