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The Challange

Fully realizing the importance and value of harnessing the power of data, analytics and BI, Ecoppia engaged with Vision BI’s experts to create a data ecosystem that will provide significant value both internally and to its customers (leading energy players).

Unlike most companies that use business data as a source of internal insights, Ecoppia built a data infrastructure at the core of their product, for their customers to receive BI on the performance of Ecoppia’s product. In fact, a significant part of the value that Ecoppia gives customers are the reports which give them clear visibility of cleaning performance and operation across their solar sites.

Vision BI team created the perfect data infrastructure. Using best in class solutions for data lake and data warehousing, DataOps orchestration and dashboard visualization with Tableau.
- Maayan Stern, Product Marketing Manager
The Solution

Building a BI solution on top of the initial data from the log of the cleaning robots was at the heart of the solution. Having Ecoppia’s data ecosystem centered around operational performance was the key. This data included activity reports of how much surface has been cleaned, alerts and reports on maintenance activity, part replacements and more. In addition, as an IoT device there are also external data points such as weather forecasts, salesforce reports or inventory insights that could be added to the mix to generate optimal customer reports.

Vision BI team created the perfect data infrastructure. Using best in class solutions for data lake and data warehousing, DataOps orchestration and dashboard visualization with Tableau. This enables them to create all the necessary data processes to create all reports for the management team, and for their clients which are now able to know exactly what is happening on site and provides Ecoppia solid foundations to support their future growth.

The visibility and insights Ecoppia provides their customers quickly became one of their unique selling points. In addition, Vision BI recommended the integration of Salesforce data as the optimal next step in their data roadmap. This now enables them to connect business performance to product performance – in addition to other external data points such as weather forecast.

Selecting & implementing
an optimal tech stack

On the one hand, Vision BI team wanted to bring all the expertise to create a future-proof data stack following industry best practice. On the other hand, it was important to remodel their existing data warehouse in a way that the platform is enriched with data to support business questions without changing the existing infrastructure.

Working with Vision BI, QualityScore was able to rethink their data stack, combining technologies that would help them orchestrate and automate their data operations. Vision BI’s team of project managers, data engineers, UI/UX Tableau visualization experts, and Snowflake specialist joined forces to help QualiyScore reinvent and upgrade their data ecosystem.

Vision.BI’s prior experience in data modelling for marketing agencies with similar challenges was instrumental, providing pre-defined modelling that aggregated and combined all marketing channels with the right KPIs. Carefully selecting a fully-managed technological stack (Rivery, Snowflake, Tableau) was key to execute the plan.

Moving all the data logics and processing to Rivery and Snowflake meant that they could get more and better dashboards without ‘overloading’ Tableau with data processes and logic.
- Aviad
The Outcome

Vision BI’s has been working hand in hand over the past two years with Ecoppia to help in the creation of an optimal data ecosystem and roadmap – as their true data partner.

The team has now an automated infrastructure to inform the business in real-time with all the data they need. What’s more, client reports have been automated through a process that provides them with peace of mind – leveraging new knowledge on the status of their solar panels, and the potential for many more insights that are not related to cleaning but to the overall performance of their modules.

Ecoppia is not only a data-driven company but they’re fast becoming a data company in its own right. The amount of insights that they collect across thousands of cleaning robots means that they are not only optimizing the use of data to inform their business and their customers – but also leveraging data at scale which will help them redefine the industry with unprecedented insights that will keep them ahead of the curve for years to come.

Maayan Stern
Product Marketing Manager

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